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The Ristorante Novecento at Hotel Rovereto

For over sixty years, the Ristorante Novecento has been passionately managed by our Zani Family and stands as the vibrant heart of Hotel Rovereto. Its legendary fame comes from the Mantuan cuisine that has won the hearts and palates of our guests. In the 1960s, Mrs. Vanda Zani brought her specialties to Rovereto, such as homemade pasta (tortelli, tortellini, pappardelle), combining them with dishes from Trentino tradition, all prepared with meticulous attention to the highest quality raw materials.

Our restaurant is renowned for its famous Pumpkin Tortelli, but also offers an assortment of dishes inspired by the culinary richness of Trentino: Ricotta Gnocchi, Canederli, Strangolapreti, cold cuts and cheese platters, as well as a selection of fish and meats.

The excellence of our dishes culminates in homemade desserts, among which the irresistible strudel made with fragrant puff pastry and our crispy wafer served with fresh strawberries and vanilla ice cream stands out.

During the summer season, you can enjoy your delicious meals on our cool veranda, where you'll also find inviting salads and light, refined summer recipes.

Since 2013, we have successfully introduced our gourmet pizza, highly appreciated by our guests. Prepared with a mix of semi-whole grain flours and leavened with sourdough, it is topped with refined ingredients that offer a unique gastronomic experience, served already sliced.

Our commitment to the health of our guests is a top priority: we are proud to be equipped to welcome customers with various food allergies and have received training from AIC for the preparation of gluten-free dishes. The health and well-being of our guests are particularly close to our hearts, considering that we have two celiac individuals in our family.

We hope to have the honor of welcoming you soon to Ristorante Novecento, where every dish is a celebration of tradition and passion for good food.

Menù Ristorante 900

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Unforgettable Weddings and Business Dinners at Hotel Rovereto

At Hotel Rovereto, our wedding banquet is a truly unforgettable experience. We offer an elegant and spacious hall, characterized by a high, column-free ceiling, which can accommodate up to 160 people. This setting is the ideal place to celebrate one of the most special days of your life. Our tradition of hospitality and high-quality cuisine has lasted for over 50 years, and we are proud to have been part of the joyful moments of generations of people from Rovereto. Many of them return to us with their children and grandchildren, reaffirming their trust in our service.

For more intimate ceremonies or business dinners, we also offer our Saletta del Giglio, perfect for family gatherings or meetings with friends and colleagues. This space can accommodate up to 18 people and is designed to create an intimate and convivial atmosphere.

Choosing Hotel Rovereto for your wedding or an important business dinner means diving into a culinary and hospitality experience that has stood the test of time and continues to bring joy and satisfaction to all our guests.

We are ready to welcome you and create unforgettable memories together. Contact us for more details and to start planning your special event.

Tourist Groups

Our hotel is also structured to accommodate small tourist groups. Here are our strengths:

• Private rooms for 50 to 160 people
• Bus parking
• MART museum reachable on foot in a few minutes
• Rooms also for multiple occupancy (triple, quadruple, and quintuple)

Hotel Rovereto is the ideal stopover for visiting the MART and the historic center of Rovereto: ask us for a quote, we have a proposal that's right for you.